Defend Voter I.D. in North Carolina

In November 2018, we the people of North Carolina voted to approve a constitutional amendment to require Voter ID.  The General Assembly then passed a bill to create a framework for Voter ID in North Carolina elections.

While 34 states already have a voter ID law, North Carolina’s is one of the most lenient in the nation.  It ensures individuals aren’t turned away who don’t have a qualifying ID by allowing anyone to vote if they sign an affidavit citing a reasonable impediment to obtaining an ID.

Despite this, today we were told that the will of the people doesn’t matter when it opposes radical left-wing ideology. U.S. District Judge Loretta Biggs, a President Obama appointee, blocked North Carolina from using the new Voter ID law.  This judge refused to allow state lawmakers to defend their own legislation. The only parties allowed by the judge to defend voter ID in North Carolina are Democratic Governor Cooper’s state board of elections, and Democratic Attorney General, John Stein.  Both Cooper and Stein are opponents of Voter ID in North Carolina.

Unless the judge’s decision to block Voter ID is appealed immediately, North Carolinians may be forced to go through yet another election without Voter ID.

Call Governor Roy Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein TODAY and tell them to appeal the judge’s ruling!

Governor Cooper: 919-814-2000

AG Josh Stein: 919-716-6400

16 Replies to “Defend Voter I.D. in North Carolina”

  1. The will of the people, voted for voter ID. You need one to cash a check, collect welfare, enter some government office ,purchase alcohol,medicine, guns etc. so what not something like voting ! It’s not racist !


  2. We want & Need Voter ID. We know you like to not have it, so illegals & other fraudulent voters, can vote Democrat!! But, we the people want voter ID, for clean, & fair elections!! Do remember, you work for WE THE PEOPLE!!’ VOTER ID!!!!


  3. Please appeal that judges decision. Voter ID is most needed in NC to ensure a fair and honest voting outcome.

    Thank you,
    Jean Britt


  4. We voted on this law and it passed because it was what the majority wanted!!! One judge SHOULD NOT be able to change the will of the majority!!! This is wrong!!! We need voter ID to keep it fair so unqualified people can not vote!!!


  5. We have to show ID for everything else alcohol cigarettes Sudafed They can get a state ID we need to have this repealed I’m in favor of showing identification


  6. We the people voted for the Voter ID Law and by majority, it was approved. By blocking this law, the judge disregards the voice of the majority.

    Uphold the Voter ID Law and protect the integrity of the voting process.


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