Gov. Cooper Blocks the RNC Convention in Charlotte, Citing Public Safety Concerns – Right After Marching with Protesters

Governor Cooper announced that he will not allow the Republican National Convention to take place in Charlotte as planned. Citing public safety concerns as his excuse, Cooper has insisted on requiring ambiguous restrictions that would severely impede the convention.

Below you can read the Cooper’s letter to the RNC.

However the hypocrisy of his “concern” over public safety is clear from his decision to join protesters in Raleigh as they marched through the street downtown. Thousands of protesters have gathered around the North Carolina Capitol, congregating in highly compact groups, for days on end, without concern for social distancing. Yet Cooper has seen fit to obstruct an event of national importance which is planned to take place in August, over two months away.

The RNC Convention is an immense event, which requires over a year in planning and preparation. Large events like the RNC Convention provide a massive injection of money into the host city. Some estimate that Charlotte will miss out on $163,000,000 in economic benefit. President Trump commented on Gov. Cooper’s decision on Twitter.

Cooper’s actions suggest his decision to obstruct the RNC Convention has little to do with COVID-19, but is more about him abusing his executive authority to serve a partisan agenda.

One Reply to “Gov. Cooper Blocks the RNC Convention in Charlotte, Citing Public Safety Concerns – Right After Marching with Protesters”

  1. Gov Cooper doesn’t give a damn about people. This is evident in his lack ensuring NC DEQ Sec Michael Regan enforced ss 143-215.2A that would have provided clean water for thousands around the Cemours Facility. Actually enforcing the NC Groundwater Quality Standards. Amazing he places little value on lives of our residents.
    He pushes away the RNC Convention stating heslth concerns yet says nothing about the large groups gathering. In fact he joins in. Karma will come in 7 – 14 days.


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